Webhook Structure

All webhooks sent through Lean will follow a standard structure as laid out below.


type string

The event that has taken place. This is composed of the object type followed by the event in the format [object_type].[event].

payload object

The object associated with the event that triggered the webhook.

message string

A description of the event.

timestamp string

The time at which the event took place in the format: yyyy-MM-dd*HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSZ

event_id string

A UUID uniquely identifying the event

// This snippet is only use to show the general structure of webhooks sent by Lean, the text in place of values are descriptive and not representative of the objects or values they describe.
  "type": "[object].[action]",
  "payload": {[Object]},
  "message": "[Descriptive message explaining the event]]",
  "timestamp": "[Timestamp in format yyyy-MM-dd*HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSZ]",
  "event_id": "[Unique UUID identifier for the webhook notification]"

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