Different Payment Authorization Flows


Lean supports multiple flows for authorising and queueing payments which can be combined so they fit your specific requirements and business flows.

Queueing payments is always done in the same way but authorising Lean provides 4 distinct ways to authorise them from your bank account:

  • Manual Authorisation from the Lean Application Dashboard
  • Manual Authorisation from your Bank Portal (invite only feature)
  • Automatic Authorization
  • On Demand Authorization


Choosing between Automatic and Manual Payouts

You must set the authorize_paymentto false to use any of the Manual Authorisation flows or the On Demand Authorization flow.

Setting the authorize_payment to true will make the payouts use the Automatic Authorization flow.

Manual Authorization from the Lean Application Dashboard

Your FinOps employees can go on the Application Dashboard and look at all the Pending Payments that require a manual authorization from your side.

The user can select the payments that needs to be authorized, and press on the Authorize button.


The user must have already connected their bank credentials.

That action will launch a window prompting the user to provide the OTP code sent to them by the bank (normally in the form of an SMS). Providing the OTP is required otherwise the payments will not be authorised.

After authorizing a single or multiple payouts via the Application Dashboard you will receive web-hooks of type payment.updated reflecting the most up to date status of your payout requests. You will receive one web-hook per payout submitted.

Automatic Authorization

Payments will be automatically authorised and you will receive web-hooks of type payment.updated. There is no need to interact with the Lean Application Dashboard or the Lean Backend APIs.

Payment Lifecycle

Regardless of the chosen authorization flow, a Payout payment has several statuses (or states) in it's life-cycle:

  • FAILED - the payment has failed to be queued or authorized.
  • AWAITING_AUTHORIZATION - the payment has been successfully queued on the Bank's side.
  • AUTHORIZATION_FAILED - the payment has failed to be authorised. This is a retry-able state.
    • Manual Authorization flow -> You can try to authorize again from the Dashboard
    • Automatic Authorization flow -> Lean will retry to authorize to payment 5 times before moving it to FAILED state
  • ACCEPTED_BY_BANK - the payment has been successfully authorised and accepted by the bank.


ACCEPTED_BY_BANK does not guarantee the payment has been received by the destination account.

Payment Finality is an invite-only feature. Please reach out to a Lean representative to learn more and would like access to this feature.