Creating a customer


In order to start fetching data, you first need to create a Customer resource. This creates a relationship between your application, user and all the services they consume within Lean into a single object.

To create a Customer, call the /customers/v1/ endpoint with a reference to your app_user_id. You should save the returned customer_id against your user table for future reference.



The app_user_id has a unique constraint, but does not need to map directly to the id of the user in your database, for example you could pass prod_usr_1246 as the app_user_id, so that you can identify that the Customer is a user of your production database. In this case, you should save both the customer_id and app_user_id against your user table for later retrieval and mapping.


curl -X POST '' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --header 'lean-app-token: YOUR_APP_TOKEN' \
  --data-raw '{
    "app_user_id": "IDENTIFIER_FOR_CUSTOMER"


  "app_user_id": "IDENTIFIER_FOR_CUSTOMER",
  "customer_id": "f08fb010-878f-407a-9ac2-a7840fb56185"

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