Integrating Lean SDK


Lean is constantly evolving to offer you and your team easier and more accessible tools to connect with your customers financial data, while keeping security, privacy and regulation always in mind.


Link is the Lean's official SDK that leverages the capabilities of modern browsers and mobile clients, such as asyncronous communication, encryption at rest and transit and much more, while being a very subtle, customizable option for you and your team.


To integrate Lean's Link SDK you simply have to drop the following line

<script src="" />

After you've done so, you'll be able to call Lean using the function init() from anywhere as long as it has access to the global object.

Lean.init() accepts three parameters:

app_tokenstringyesThis is the token you got when you created your application
permissionsarrayyesThe permissions you're asking your user for
app_user_idstringyesHow you refer to your user in your internal database

For example:

app_token: "2c9a80897169b1dd01716a0339e30003",
permissions: ["identity", "accounts"],
app_user_id: "01-1234-98765",

Want to work with Lean before building your front end? We've got you covered, take a look at the Link Connect section!

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SDKs for the platforms shown below are on their way. We'll let you know as soon as they're shipped.

React Native

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