Getting Started

Lean helps you connect to the data behind your users’ bank accounts. Let’s explore what this data looks like.

Let’s say your user banks with LeanBank. That user has an entity (account) with LeanBank.

We refer to this as an entity rather than account because that entity has it’s own bank accounts such as a checking account and a savings account and we wanted to avoid confusion.

The entity holds data such as identity information as well as the accounts themselves. Those accounts hold information such as balance and transaction history.


When your user wants to connect to the bank account, your app will spin up Lean’s Link SDK.

The Link flow will obtain authorisation from your user to access their entity.

Upon submission, Lean checks this authorization with the bank.

If successful, we’ll send an identifier for you to use when you want to reference their entity for data calls, we’ve creatively called this the entity_uuid.
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