Getting an Identifier


After Lean authorizes your user and makes the connection to the bank, we willgive you a entity_uuid which specifically refers to your user's bank account.

You will then use this entity_uuid to make API requests for data within that bank account.

Keep in mind, if your user has accounts with more than one bank, you will need to store multiple entity_uuid's for that user, one for each bank.

Our response will look like this:

"status": {
"code": "200",
"message": "Success, here's everything you need to retrieve your user's information"
"data": {
"entity": {
"entity_uuid": "f08fb010-878f-407a-9ac2-a7840fb56185",
"app_user_id": "123",
"permissions": [
"bank_details": {
"logo_url": "",
"bank_identifier": "LEANMB1",
"name": "Lean Mockbank 1",
"primary_color": "#183F3F"

But we'll discuss that when the time is right.

Getting the entity_uuid

You will use Lean's Link SDK to get the entity_uuid.

When you want to connect to a user's bank account, you will call our Link SDK which will ask your user for authorization to access their bank account.

Refer to the next section to learn how to integrate our SDK.

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