Creating an Application


You’ve got an idea for an awesome FinTech app, which requires real time, accurate financial data.

Let’s start working on it!

Create an application by going to the Applications tab and clicking the + New button.

Most of what the form asks for is straight forward however there are a couple of fields which need some explaining.

The “Permissions” and the “Callback URL”.


When you use our API to get data from your user’s bank account, you can access different categories of data held in your user’s bank account: Accounts, Identity, Balance, and Transactions.

You might not need access to all of this.

For example, a developer creating a budgeting app does not need their user’s Identity data.

When creating an application, choose only the categories you need for your application.

Callback URL

When your user goes through Lean’s authorization process, Lean needs to connect to their bank and go through a couple of security procedures on our back end.

It therefore takes some time for Lean to get back to you with the result and an identifier to the user’s account at the bank and we don’t want your app stuck while we do this.

We therefore send a POST request to the callback URL you provide here, with all the necessary information in the body.

We’ll talk more about this in the "Callback URL" step.

Created Application

Now that you know what these are, finish the form and submit it. Once submitted, you should see a screen that looks something like this:


From here, you should take the value for the App Token and store it in your codebase as an environment variable.

You will pass the App Token along with every call you make to our API in the request header as the lean-app-token.

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