New updates and improvements to Lean's platform.

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Changelog #1

Assign payment destinations to customers

You can now provide an optional customer_id when creating a payment_destination to easily associate payment destinations with the customers who own them. We've added a corresponding GET request to fetch all payment destinations for a customer.

USD Payments

We now allow you to initiate USD denominated payments with certain banks. USD payments can be made from any account within the bank, irrespective of the account's primary currency. As always you will be able to test this functionality with our mockbank.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Your customers are now warned when OTPs are expiring soon
  • You can search payment destinations by owner type
  • Link SDK now has a dedicated view for payments that are marked as pending by the bank
  • Link SDK now has an updatePaymentSource() function which allows you to add new payment destinations as beneficiaries to an existing payment source
  • Link SDK will now show an ID on failed connections or payments to allow easier referencing in customer support interactions
  • Multiple bug fixes


Changelog #0

Welcome to our first public changelog. We'll be sending these after every major release letting you know of all the new features, improvements, and fixes we've pushed to our platform.

Payment destinations - initiate payments to ANY bank account

Until now, all payments made by you had to go to the same, predetermined bank account. Not anymore. You can now decide where each individual payment should go. Whether you enable your customers to send transfers to each other, or implement custom business logic to configure which of your company's bank accounts a payment should go to, the decision is in your hands.

Status page

You can now go to to check the status of our APIs, SDKs, and our Developer Portal. In the future, we'll be adding statuses for each of the financial institutions we offer and notifying you of all changes to statuses via webhooks.

Transaction References

We're now storing the transaction reference codes that banks assign to payments and sending them with the webhooks we send to let you know a payment has been made. You'll also be able to see these transaction references when you query for payment details on our API and on the "Payments" section of our developer portal.

Other fixes and improvements

  • We now have 2 mock banks in the sandbox environment! This should make it easier for you to see what it looks like when your customers connect multiple accounts for data or payments.
  • The "Payments" section on the developer portal now has details for each payment such as the transaction reference returned to us by the bank and the payment_intent_id for each payment.
  • We now give your customers more detailed error messages when banks reject connections or payments rather than a generic failure message.
  • Fixed the message the Link SDK returns on close to the TPP callback to be specific for each success type, eg “Payment completed” or “Entity reconnected”.
  • LinkSDK screens will now display an identifier in case of failures which you can send to us when you're logging support incidents.
  • Speaking of support incidents, we have a new help desk for all our customers ( You can use this portal to report any issues and then monitor the status of them as we go about identifying and fixing the issue. As always, you can also report any issues by emailing
  • Multiple bug fixes.