API Reference

Lean helps you connect to the data contained inside your users’ bank accounts.

When you connect to a user’s bank account, you connect to their bank entity, which contains their accounts with that bank.

Lean refers to this as an entity throughout this documentation to avoid confusion, as a connected entity may contain several accounts, such as a checking and a savings account.

Entities also hold data such as identity as well as the accounts themselves. Each individual account contains data such as balance and transaction history.

Getting Started

Link SDK

All applications with Lean start with the Link SDK. This is a secure and easy method for your customers to verify their identity with their bank(s) and provide permissions to your application in seconds.

Link SDK Guide

Data API

Once a user has connected their bank accounts to your application, our Data API allows you to pull real-time data into your application from your customer's accounts.

Data API Reference

Payments API

Lean's Payments API allows you to manage bank to bank transfers, without the hassle of IBANs, Account Numbers and manual entry.

Payments API Reference